Apple Aperture License key installation for plugin products

The following instructions will explain how to install License Key for Apple Aperture Plugins.

Once the installation wizard successfully installs the trial version of the plugin for Apple Aperture, you are ready to install the license keycode.

Once activated the plugin is no longer in the trial mode and will not draw watermark grid lines after the filter is applied. The license keycode for plugin is sent to you via email once you complete purchase on Imagenomic's website.

In order to install the license keycode, you need to

1) open/re-start Apple Aperture
2) select any image(s) and
3) open the respective Imagenomic plugin.

The screenshot below demonstrates that for the last step you will need to click on the Images menu > Edit With and select {Plugin Name}

Once the plugin is running, the About window will pop-up automatically as soon as the plugin is started.

Click on the "Install License" button. The "License Key Installation" shown below will pop-up.


To enter your license information, please COPY & PASTE the license keycode exactly as they appear in the original notification email from Imagenomic, ensuring that there are no leading or trailing spaces. Also, if you attempt to apply the license keycode to a wrong product edition (i.e. Photoshop Plugin vs Aperture Plugin), the activation process will fail. Please ensure you have installed and are using the correct plugin edition you purchased.

Once the license keycode is successfully installed you will see the following confirmation message.


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